Get Ready for Installation

Here are some helpful ‘get ready for installation’ tips from Northwest Carpet Company

To prepare your home for your new flooring, please consider some of the following tips:

Our installers will help with the movement of your furniture.

Please remove all knick-knacks and breakables
Look on top of tall items to remove anything loose
Please do not put breakable items inside furniture (we cannot be responsible for those items that we cannot see)
Remove all items from Bookshelves, China Cabinets and Desks that are being moved
It is not necessary for you to remove furniture unless special handling is required. Please make separate arrangements for Antiques, Pianos, Valuable Furniture and other items such as Grandfather Clocks. Also consider items such as Wall Systems, Entertainment Centers, Light Bridges, etc.

Although our installers will move your bedroom furniture, we ask that you remove all bed coverings and pillows
Bunk beds and Canopy beds should be dismantled prior to the installation
Waterbeds MUST be drained and dismantled by the homeowner
Consider removing breakables that may be hanging from walls.

The installers need approximately 3 feet of vertical distance to work in closets.

Please remove those items from the closets that are having flooring installed

Resetting of Toilets, Water Re-connections, Icemakers and Gas re-connections should be arranged with a Plumber or Certified Handyman.

Due to the sensitive nature of electronic equipment, we ask that you assume full responsibility for these items.

-All ELECTRONIC equipment and wiring must be disconnected and moved by the homeowner
-This includes Televisions, Computers, Stereo and other Sound equipment
-We cannot be responsible for wiring that runs under floor coverings

Aquariums and similar items must be moved by the homeowner.

Exercise or Gym type equipment must be moved by the homeowner.

Should your doors require adjustment due to your new flooring, please make arrangements with your carpenter or handyman.

While we take great care with your home, minor abrasions or scoring to paint on door frames, walls or baseboards cannot be avoided when trimming and tucking the flooring materials.

In order for our installers to do their best work, we ask that you NOT schedule other workers, such as painters, electricians, etc. on the same day.

Be sure your electricity is on for our tools.

If air conditioning or heating is available, be sure to turn it on as mechanics will do their best work when comfortable conditions exist.

Please make arrangements to secure your pets during this installation.

Ceramic floors cannot be walked on until 24 hours after completion.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY APPLY to installations when the take-up and removal of carpeting or flooring is done. Water damage, urine soaked carpets, floors with structural damage, asbestos floors, etc. are not always detected until the installation process has begun. Other conditions that may be discovered are spider cracks in concrete, unleveled sub-floors and moisture conditions.

*Please advise your measurer, salesperson or installer of any conditions you may be aware of.